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Daddy found my "switch"
by no one (daddys_luna)
at September 13th, 2008 (03:33 pm)

current mood: peaceful

okay, so as most of you know, Daddy isn't exactly the most strictest person even, which i love im for, but lately, since ive been back in Chicago, he's been trying to be more dominant, because he knows i miss it. so on thursday night Daddy and i were on the phone and it was like he finally found his "dom" side completely.
I had mentioned something about some sort of collar, but not in the traditional literal collar. i wanted something that i could wear all the time, except when showering and sleeping, that would remind me that Daddy owned me and that i was his. I mentioned something about an anklet and he seemed to like the idea. who knows what will actually come out of it, we shall see.
then we started talking about how i felt that Daddy was really stepping it up with being strict with me and how much i loved it. it felt good to voice my opinion of how happy i am to feel completely owned and controlled by him. and then as if to prove my point, he asked me a question and i said yes. and he shot back with, in a very strict Daddy voice, "Yes what?" and just by him saying that, it was like i was thrown into subspace immediately and felt so little and small and controlled. i paused for a second and then replied with "Yes, Daddy," and he said "That's my good girl." and i about melted. i started feeling all floaty. this is probably the only time ive been put into subspace when i haven't been playing, unless I've gotten in trouble. it felt so good to have it be such a positive experience. Daddy and i talked for a while more until he got home and i was still all floatie.
later on that night we were chatting online and Daddy had me spank myself (which is something weve been talking about recently) and i got a bit confused, thinking i did something wrong. he explained to me that they were good girl spankings and that he knows how much i like them and wanted me to feel good while i was floating. it was really nice to have Daddy so caring and understanding while i was in subspace.
i left shortly after because i wanted to calm down and try to get rid of the floaties before my roommate came home. And Daddy said one of the sweetest things ever. he said "imagine me holding you close in my arms, and gently lowering you back to the ground from your floaties," it made everything okay, and for the first time when i came out of subspace, i didn't crash and get upset. it was wonderful.



Posted by: neosparkle0003 (neosparkle0003)
Posted at: September 23rd, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
a story you can play along with

I would love to have someone to fill in and add to this story. If you are interested please add as much as you like. The more detail the better I think. At the end please take the story in any direction you want and I will follow in my reply.
As you wake up in the morning, wiping the sleep from your eyes you notice a pretty box with a large ribbon on it sitting over on your dresser. You get up and walk over to it immediately noticing that your name is on the card. Normally, you would just tear open the wrapping paper but this time you decided to read the card first. It says, Princess, I want you to join me at a birthday party today for some other girls and want you to be the prettiest at the whole party. Please get all dressed up and I will be here to pick you up at 11am. Excitedly, you open the box to reveal a pink frilly silky party dress. You lift it out and hold it up to yourself. It is so pretty and sticks out around the bottom because of the crinoline around the bottom. Holding it up to yourself you do notice that it is a little short but think that it is the most beautiful dress you have ever seen, let alone have for your own. Looking back into the box you see there is more. A pretty pair of black paten leather Mary Jane shoes. Looking back into the box you notice and pair of the prettiest white socks with a large piece of lace trim around the top and a pair of (thick cotton training panties or cotton briefs with little cartoons of ( )) on them along with a pair of silky panties that apparently to go over the training panties so no one who might have seen them would make fun of you. You are so excited that you run to get your bath and start to get dressed and just sit watching TV for almost an hour waiting for me to show up. When the door bell rings you rush to open it and upon seeing me you ( ). Greeting you I smiled, Hi Princess, I said. I am so excited about spending the day with you today. I took your hand and I walked you to the car as you skip while holding my hand. As I help lift you up into the back seat of the blazer I put both hands on your waist. My heart jumps as I can feel the waist band of the thick panties you have on under your silky party dress. I allow myself to take in the though for a couple of seconds as thoughts rush through my mind of what they must look like on you. As I help you into the back seat and buckle your seatbelt you slide back into the seat and ( ). Before you know it we are pulling into a parking lot as you notice the sign for “Indoor jump and play”. You are so excited that we are going to a huge indoor jungle jim with rope nets, trampolines, and monkey bars. As we enter the play gym you are met but a couple of other little girls who were wearing ( ). You all took off and I followed to watch you play. The first thing you did was to climb up on the netting. I walked over and looking up at you could see standing above me I see ( ). I continued to walk around under you as you played on the rope net as I continued to glance up at you and the other girls only to be rewarded by ( ). My heart is racing so much I can’t help but follow you around at one point when you are ( ) I really get a treat when I get to ( ). After a little while it was time for cake and ice cream. As I called for you, you ran over to me and ( ). You were so happy that you got to pick your own little cup of ice cream and your own flavor as you love ( ). Watching you eat your cake and ice cream I ( ). After you were finished I picked you up placing you on my lap and ( ). Then I took out a wet wipe and wiped off your hands and mouth. With that I picked you up and turned you around so that you were sitting facing me. Looking deep into your eyes I told you how pretty you looked and that I was so happy to be here with you today that I could not imagine any place else in the world I would rather be then having you sitting right hear on my lap. My hands reaching around you holding onto your hips again I could feel your panties under your dress and with you sitting with one leg over each side of my lap looking deep into your eyes it seamed like time stopped. Then I asked you what you would like to do next, anything you want I told you. ( )

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