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pee [userpic]
hello! :)
by pee (powderpinkpants)
at June 8th, 2009 (09:04 am)

current mood: sleepy

Hi, I'm new to LJ, to this community, and would love to make some new friends.

It just so happens that Lolly just added the survey, so I'm gonna fill it out!  Wheeeee!

1. handle or nick names:  Pee

2  fav ages to be?  depends...a very precocious 3, or a slightly naughty 12.

3.  identify as female or male?  alllllll grrrrrrrrl!!

4.  favourite toys or comfort items?  pacifier, my stuffed kitty cat

5.  do you have a care taker?  part-time, but I'm currently searching for a full-time, real-life Daddy.

6.  are you new to this(multiple choice):
     a. curious and willing
     b. newbie
     c.somewhat experienced- xxxxxxx
     d. very experienced
     e. other

7.  ANSWER TO ABOVE(FEEL FREE TO GIVE EXPLANATION)---  i was in a real life ageplay relationship for a year and a half, then we broke up.  after that, i had a boyfriend for 6 years who was squicked out by the idea of me calling him "Daddy," yet he very much was my protector and caretaker (and he loved to watch me suck my thumb).  we're no longer together tho.

8.  Anything you'd like to share(pg-13) about your self?  i live by myself, and my house looks like one big 3-year old's bedroom.  sooooo fun!  if i make any real-life "little girl" friends, maybe we can have a slumber party!

9.  Any questions?  nope!


10. MOST SENTIMENTAL THINGS ABOUT AGEPLAY  FOR YOU?  feeling safe and warm in Daddy's arms

11. BIGGEST FRUSTRATIONS ABOUT AGEPLAY?   when someone who doesn't understand it answers my personals ad with "LITTLE GIRL NEEDS A SPANKING!"  Um, I most certainly do NOT!  i'm a good girl!

12. Say something nice and cute to sign off this survey?  I hope to make some nice new friends.  Just a warnin', my LJ is sometimes very naughty, so if you don't like that or aren't allowed to look at that, well, just a warning.  :)