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ageplay_nursery's Journal

The Ageplay Nursery
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Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way. Mary Poppins says so and I believe her.

The Nursery is a place where Little ones in Ageplay can come when they need a quiet place, where they can play nicely with other Little ones and talk about all the things they need to know about Ageplay.

The Nursery is a place where the Big people can visit for a bit of peace and quiet from the dramas that occur when Littles have a bratty moment.

The nursery is for all to discuss what it means to be a participant in the consenting adult roleplaying game of Ageplay.

The nursery is a place where both Little and Big Ageplayers can mingle together without the pressures.

The Rules

1 This is The Nursery, where Little Ones are resting. There will be no rowdy behaviour allowed. There will be no name calling or or tongue poking.

2 Everybody coming in MUST be 18 and over. See the notice below.

3 Ageplay is not pedophilia. Do not bring that in here. Remember that everybody in here is an ADULT, whether Little or Big.

4 Please keep SEXUAL REFERENCES to a minimum. This may be a MODERATED community, but it is a refuge from the sexual world for both Littles and Bigs.

5 All posts are to be Friends Only. Long posts are to be under an Lj-cut. Any images posted must be Lj Standard, and placed under an Lj-cut.

6 It is a naughty thing to steal anything posted.

7 It’s hard enough for Little and Bigs to understand each other, so no foreign language journals will be admitted.

8 People who brag about how their websites or their journals or communities are excellent all the time are very annoying. We don’t like it.

9 Please don’t ask if anybody here wants to play or be your Daddy or Little Girl. ageplay_singles is the place to go if you are looking for that.

10 You may post anything to do with Ageplay within in reason, and taste. Sexual posts will not be encouraged.

11 Any person found to be breaking the rules will be sent to the Time Out Corner for two weeks and have their posting privileges revoked for a month.

... you must be 18 years of age (or of legal age to interact & view such material in your community)! No exceptions!

PLEASE NOTE: An accurate and complete Date of Birth MUST be present in your user info profile page for approval to join this community, and it MUST remain visible at all times to REMAIN in this community.

The following do not meet the requirements for a date of birth.


Random checks will be made.

Owned and Maintained by your big sister lollya_lolita

My other communities: adultlgsecrets

Time Out Corner

The Boiz and Gurlz below were naughty.

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